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Gatsby Mobile Lightroom Presets

Gatsby Mobile Lightroom Presets are developed for both free Adobe Lightroom Mobile App users and paid Creative Cloud Subscribers who use both desktop and mobile.  Gatsby Presets can also be used on desktop with both Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw.

Included in each Gatsby Preset collection are both DNG files (for free app users) and XMP files (for paid CC mobile users/desktop users).  



















Brand Your Business. Brand Yourself.

Edit your mobile photos like a pro in a single click. Every Gatsby Preset Collection has been carefully crafted to bring a consistent and cohesive look to your feed. Inside each collection is a family of presets designed to address any editing challenge and every lighting scenario. No matter what picture you take, you’ll find a Gatsby Preset that works for you.

How To Install Lightroom Presets


1. Get the DNG files onto your phone via download and unzip or email.

2. Open up the Adobe Lightroom App and create and sign in to your free account.

3. Create a new Folder by clicking 'New Item'and then click 'CREATE NEW - Folder' at the bottom and then name the folder 'Gatsby Presets'.

4. Click into the Gatsby Presets folder you created and click 'CREATE ALBUM' or the '+' symbol in upper right corner.  Add an album for each preset collection. 

5. Add your DNG files to each album by clicking the 3 dots to the right in line with the album name and then click 'Add Photos' and select your dng files to add.

6. To use presets, 'Copy Settings' of a DNG file and then 'Paste Settings' to image.

7. Adjust the exposure slider to your liking to fine tune if desired.


1. Get the XMP files onto your desktop and unzip.

2. Sign in to your Creative Cloud account and open up Lightroom.

3. Click the edit icon in the upper right hand corner to open the edit panel.

4. Click 'PRESETS' at the very bottom of the edit panel.

5. Click the 3 dots at the top right of the presets panel and click 'IMPORT PRESETS'.

6. Select the FOLDER of the collection of presets you want to import and select 'CHOOSE FOLDER'.

7. To use presets on your mobile app, sign into your Creative Cloud account via the app on your phone.


1. Get the XMP files onto your desktop and unzip.

2. Copy the entire collection folder containing the .xmp files to the following applicable location on your computer and restart. The presets will be available in both programs once installed.

*Turn on your show hidden files option to be sure you see locations below.

Macintosh:  / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / Settings

Windows:  C: \ ProgramData \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings

Faqs & Tips

1. How Do I Get The Files On My Phone?

You can either download directly and unzip on your phone or you can download and unzip on your desktop and then email them to an email account you can check on your phone.  To unzip directly on your phone you will need to download an app that unzips files from either the Apple Store (for iphones) or Google Play Store (for androids).  If you don't want to install any new apps on your phone, just email them to your phone.

2. Can I Use These On My Desktop?  

Yes, each collection comes with both DNG files (for mobile use on the free app) and XMP files (for both desktop and mobile use).  The XMP files can be installed and used on desktop in Creative Cloud, Classic and Adobe Camera Raw.

3. Clean Up Your Presets Folder

Clean up your presets folder. Click the 3 dots at top right of the presets panel and click 'MANAGE PRESETS' and uncheck any/all of the default presets loaded with Lightroom that you won't want to use in any of your editing.

4. Make Your Presets Clickable

You can make your presets easier to use without copying and pasting each time you want to apply settings. To do this you'll need to go to each DNG preset, select it, click the 3 dots at top right, select 'Create Preset', name the preset the same name it already has, and then for the first image in each collection create a new Preset Group to contain your presets and name it the the same as the collection you are setting up.


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